Video Ad Audiences enable advertisers to retarget people who have previously viewed video ads on Facebook. These audiences can be used to move people from brand awareness to deeper funnel objectives such as affinity and consideration.

Audiences are generated from both organic and paid views, and will automatically include historical views. There are no minimum video views required before being able to use the audience.

How to use a Video Ad Audience

Video Ad Audiences are generated automatically once a video ad has been viewed.

Note: Video Ad Audiences do not appear in the Audience section of StitcherAds however you can include or exclude them when creating a campaign:

1. Navigate to Create a new campaign and select the required ad format eg Product Ad, Carousel Product Ad or Right Hand Column Ad.

2. Select a Fan Page

3. If you do not have a product feed, you must upload an image, name, description and URL for each separate product.

4. Add your domain URL and enter the message you would like to appear.

5. Scroll down to the section labelled 'Define Your Target Audience' and click on 'More audience options'

6. Add a 'Video Viewing Audience' or Exclude a Video Viewing Audience'

7. Click into either one of the boxes to view your available Video Ad Audiences. The audiences will be distinguishable by the video thumbnail next to the audience.

8. Complete the Targeting section and configure the campaign details.

Creating a lookalike audience (LAL) from a Video Ad audience.

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