Throughout the lifetime of a campaign you may want to make adjustments to keep it on track and performing well for you. StitcherAds allows you to easily edit various aspects of your campaigns.

Adjusting Campaigns
At the top level you are able to pause and activate campaigns which will pause all the adsets and adverts contained within that campaign. You can also archive, delete, copy or add a campaign to a report.

From any of the dashboard views (Overall Statistics, Overall Objectives or All Campaigns), you can select one or more campaigns and make your adjustments along the header. Note that you can only select Copy if you've selected one campaign that was created within StitcherAds.

You can also click on the pencil/edit icon to change a campaign's name.

Adjusting Adsets
From within a campaign, you can see a table of all the adsets within that campaign. Similarly to adjusting campaigns, parts of the adsets can be adjusted from this table. This includes pausing, activating, archiving or deleting ad sets. Budgets and bids can be edited in bulk by following the steps in the article How do I edit multiple Bids or Budgets for my ads?

You can also click on the pencil/edit icon to edit the ad set's name, targeting, schedule, bidding and budget.

Adjusting Adverts
Navigate into the adset report page by clicking on the adset name. Like with campaigns and ad sets, you can edit multiple ads by pausing, activating, archiving or deleting.

You can also click on the pencil/edit icon to edit the advert's creative options and conversion tracking pixel.

When should I edit my bids?

For more information on bidding strategies, please see our 7 Best Practices for Facebook Bidding Strategies article.

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