Dashboard Beta - General Release

We're excited to bring our new Dashboard Beta to all StitcherAds customers today. The new dashboard is setup to give you more flexibility when analyzing performance by:

  • Automatically splitting up data by campaign objective (so you can manage your sales-oriented Product Catalog campaigns separately from branding Website Clicks campaigns).

  • Opening up customizable data tables across campaigns, ad sets and ads to better focus on the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you.

  • Improving the editing process across all levels of your campaigns.

A quick demonstration of the Dashboard Beta can be found in this video.

Please note that the legacy Dashboard view will be deprecated at the end of September as we move all reporting and management onto the new section.

Updated DPA Pixel Instructions

As Facebook continues to move towards their Unified Pixel solution, we've upgraded our Dynamic Product Setup page to showcase a few new options. In there, you will see the new Upgraded Pixel (if you have been migrated by Facebook) as well as the upgraded event codes that can be used in DPAs.

The upgraded event codes brings new options to your product audience creation, allowing you to use events such as Leads, Search and Purchase (with Travel Parameters).

For more information on the updated DPA setup, please see this article. If you'd like to read more about Facebook's move to an upgraded Unified Pixel, please see this article.

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