Custom Labels in Product Feeds

In addition to the 9 required fields, StitcherAds now supports custom labels in your product feed. These new fields are completely customizable and allow you to filter product sets based off any data set you'd like.

For example, if you'd like to mark all products by gross profit (on a scale of GP1 to GP5) in a custom label on your feed, that would then allow you to dynamically advertise only those that are the most profitable for your business (GP5).

For more information on custom labels (including how to add them to your feed and filter your product sets by this information), please see this article.

Updated Dashboard, Graphs & Data Tables

In an effort to bring the most meaningful data to our users in an efficient manner, we've updated the primary interface across the Dashboard, Graphs and Data Tables in the platform.

The new Dashboard provides the ability to view all campaigns or filter by campaign objective.

The new Graphs bring your KPIs front and center, allowing you to interact with the graphs and dig into granular performance data.

Finally, the new Data Tables open up WCA pixel Website Actions and additional editing options on ad sets and ads.

For more information on the updates, please see the following articles:

New Dashboard Introduction

How to use the updated Graphs in StitcherAds

How to use the updated Data Tables in StitcherAds

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