StitcherAds adheres to the underlying Facebook structure and relationship of campaigns, ad sets and adverts. However, when we create your adverts we apply this structure in a specific way. It's a key part of our tool and leverages Facebook's algorithms to your advantage. Here's what we do and why...

When creating a campaign through Campaigns>Create you are given various options - three parts of this are key when it comes to the underlying campaign structure. Design your advert, Targeting and Campaign & Budget.

Design your advert
When creating your advert in StitcherAds you can create up to 27 variations by adding 3 messages, 3 headlines and 3 images - why you may want to do this explained here - but they key thing to note with regards structure is that StitcherAds will create these creative variations as adverts in an ad set.

Why? The reason for this is to allow Facebook's algorithm to work in your favour by picking the most engaging advert. If you have run many adverts in an ad set in the past you will notice that often one advert becomes a clear leader - getting a high distribution (often around 90% of the distribution of that ad set) - Facebook decides which advert to give distribution to based on the interaction with it.

In StitcherAds you are able able to test many variations of your targeting. In terms of structure we create all these targeting options as different ad sets. If you've also created different designs, each ad set created will have it's own version of the designs mentioned above.

Why? At StitcherAds we want you to be able to get the most from your campaigns, bolster what's working well for you and pause what isn't. With targeting variations you can therefore see which demographics, placements, countries, etc are not performing and switch them off. It removes the need for you to pause the entire campaign and lets you continue to target the people who are responding well to your advertising.

This is the top, unifying level in the structure. When you create your targeting and creative variations in StitcherAds you should create them as separate campaigns, they unify all levels from a reporting point of view.

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