You may notice a few changes in StitcherAds, well thats because we've just released some more features as requested by you. In this release you'll notice:

  • Cross Campaign Reporting - many of you have told us how you often export data from multiple campaigns in order to see them as an aggregate - well now you don't have to. In StitcherAds you can now create reports of multiple campaigns, grouping them by whichever attribute you feel appropriate, and we'll calculate the aggregate statistics for you.

  • Adding and removing users from a custom audience - as well as being able to initially create a custom audience from a Datafile in StitcherAds, you can now add additional users to the audiences or remove people who you no longer wish to target.

  • Interests and Connection Targeting - In the main creation flow (not retargeting) you can now layer on additional targeting including the connections of the user relative to your page/app and also what the users are interested in.

  • More visible saved targeting - you spoke, we listened - this feature was originally located on the right hand side of the targeting pane but now you'll find the loading and saving of your advert targeting more obviously placed and as ever - easy to use to save you time.

Get back into StitcherAds today and make use of these new tools - but don't forget to feedback how they and the tool are working for you, we're always interested to hear!

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