Instagram Product Ads

We're excited to announce the release of our Instagram Product Ads feature set! Alongside the campaign create workflows you currently use, Instagram Product Ads are available to all advertisers who have an Instagram ads account linked to their Business Manager (see this article for steps to link).

Like with our Product Ad create feature, you can setup Instagram Product Ads following the same workflow and capabilities. This includes multiple creative variations, saving creative/targeting as well as all the typical targeting/permutation options available on Facebook.

For more information on creating Instagram Product Ads, please see Create a Campaign - Instagram Product Ad.

Updated Advert Tracking

In an effort to help our customers track and analyze all their Facebook ad data, we've opened up advanced tracking capabilities. This includes ad set and advert naming conventions, creative tags/labels and updated URL parameter features.

For more information on our updated Advert Tracking, please see this article.

(Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to tag creative items with labels.)

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