New Targeting Options

We've added a few new targeting options to the campaign create flow. These include two new geographic options (DMA and Zip Code) as well as one Advanced Demographic option (Family/Parental Status).

Adjust Number of Rows in a Data Table

In order to better suit customers using laptops, we recently set the default number of rows for all data tables (except All Campaigns) to 7. We've now expanded on this capability by allowing the user to select how many rows are shown by default. You choose anywhere from 5 rows to 15 for larger monitors.

Updated Pixel Tracking

To better align with Facebook's move towards their unified Facebook Pixel, we now offer the ability to track "all events" as the default Tracking Pixel during the campaign create workflow. If you would rather track specific legacy conversion pixels, you can still do so by selecting them in the drop-down and replacing the All Events selection.

As a feature unique to StitcherAds, you can also choose to track both the new Events and legacy conversion pixels side by side. Note that this may lead to inflated reporting if the metric "All Website Actions" is being used.

NOTE - We recommend tracking "All Events" only if your updated Facebook Pixel is setup to pass back revenue/value on the primary conversion event (Purchase, Lead, etc). If it is not, revenue may not be reported in StitcherAds.

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