Facebook is a unique platform for accurately attributing conversions (checkouts, registrations, etc.) on your website or app as it attributes based on identity in the form of a Facebook User ID. Other systems that use cookies to attribute conversions are unable to accurately track user ad interaction and subsequent conversion activity across devices as there are no cookies on mobile phones or tablets.

Any user that sees a Facebook ad must be logged into Facebook, this allows Facebook to track every single ad a user sees. When a customer buys a product on your website Facebook is able to identify that user through their Facebook login in the browser. This allows Facebook to match every ad view or ad click to a conversion event like a checkout.

Facebook can not only track click through conversions but also to accurately track view through conversions. This is a critical competence as customers continue to use a myriad of devices during their purchase decision process. It enables you to attribute events like a user seeing an ad for your product on their phone and then browsing to your website on their PC to buy a product.

Facebook allows you to report attribution on a 0, 1, 7 or 28 days post view or post click basis. Click the Number of days, change to the number you wish to report and click the blue tick button to save.

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