As of October 2015, you can now add complex URL tracking in StitcherAds that includes custom ad set and ad names. This allows you to pass ad set/ad-level information through your URL parameters. To set this up, please go to Settings - Advert Tracking.

Once you're in the Advert Tracking section, there are two main areas of focus: Ad Set/Advert Naming and URL Parameters Settings.

Ad Set/Advert Naming

The Ad Set/Advert Naming section allows you to customize which parameters make up the names of your ad sets and adverts. We offer over 30 parameters across both levels so you can control what information is passed in the ad set/advert name.

Select the drop-down for each section and bring in the information/values you'd like to make up your ad set/advert name.

Once you've clicked into the input box, you can easily move between existing tags using your left and right cursor keys. This can be helpful in case you want to insert a new tag in the middle of the current layout.

The default naming applied is as follows:



The ad set and advert naming settings are set at the ad account level.

*Note* - Facebook truncates the names for ad sets and adverts at 100 characters. Please keep this in mind when selecting the information you'd like to automatically populate. It is best practices to put the most important information first so that they are not truncated as well.

URL Parameters Settings

In the second section of this page, you can setup what values are passed in your URL tracking (including the ad set/advert names you've defined above). For more information on the URL Parameters setup, please see the help article How do I add URL tracking parameters to my adverts?

Setting Up Creative Labels for Ad Tracking

*Note* - Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to tag creative items with labels.

During the campaign create workflow, you will see an option below the Landing Page URL to "Show creative labels/tracking tags". Turning this on opens up the capability to tag each image, headline and message in use with a separate tag. These tags can then be used in the advert name you've setup above.

We suggest keeping these labels/tags short (due to the 100 character limit noted above) but descriptive.

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