By this point you will know that at StitcherAds we're all about making granularity easy. The way we help you build campaigns means that you can create variations of your adverts targeted to many different audiences e.g. iPhone users, Android tablet users, Male, Female, younger users, older users, etc.

Within StitcherAds you are also able to see the performance of these different targeting variations across all campaigns by using our advanced reporting.

*PLEASE NOTE: There are some restrictions associated with Filtered Reports for more information see:

Why are campaigns missing from my filtered report?

Filter Your Adsets

From the Campaigns>Reports page you will see the

button. By clicking this button you will be presented with various different filters that are available.

Filters work at the adset level where, in StitcherAds, targeting varies. By applying filters you will be able to view adsets across different campaigns that share the same targeting in order to see trends and also compare performance of these different attributes.

Simply click the filter type and you will see the options within it. Selecting an option will add that filter and a view of how many adsets/campaigns will be included is displayed at the top of the box.

Filters from different types e.g. Audience Type and Country will be applied as an AND whereas those within a filter type e.g. Desktop, iOS phone, etc will be applied as an OR. This means that, in the below example where there are multiple filter types the results will show you adsets that are targeting Desktop AND have a Website Custom Audience. If you selected both Desktop and iOS phones, we would show you results for adsets targeting website custom audiences AND either targeting Desktop OR iOS Phones.

Add as many filters as required and click Apply My Filters to show the results.

Filtered Results
From the filtered results page you will see all the campaigns which have adsets matching your filter criteria. A box indicated how many adsets match the filters and you can expand the row to show those adsets. From the left hand side you can use the boxes to uncheck entire campaigns or individual adsets you do not wish to add to a report. Once you are happy with your selection you can click the Add to Report button at the top.

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