In StitcherAds, you can create Carousel Product Ads using up to 10 products. These ads will display up to 5 out of the 10 products selected depending on the individual products' performance.

Select Your Products & Create Your Advert Template

If you have a product feed configured, use a relevant keyword to search the product feed for the products you want to advertise, click on the products displayed and click the "Apply" button to select them. Items from the feed (title, price, link, etc) are automatically populated into your ad template.

If you do not have a product feed, you must upload an image, name, description and URL for each separate product.

Note: if you select 5 or less products, you have the option to have products displayed in your chosen order. If you select more than 5 products, Facebook will optimize and display products based on engagement.

Add your domain URL and enter the message you would like to appear.

StitcherAds can save your creative template for reuse the next time you create a Carousel Product Ad campaign.

Add Targeting

Add your targeting options across the following sections:

  • Audiences - Add, overlap and exclude audiences (including video view audiences)

  • Location - Country, city and region.

  • Gender

  • Advanced Demographics - Work, Family and Relationship fields.

  • Placements

  • Additional Targeting - Behaviors, Interests and more.

  • Connections

It's important to segment your campaigns across different targeting groups. This allows you more control over optimizations (bids, budget, pause, etc) without editing the entire campaign. It also provides more detailed insights and data to drive future strategy decisions regarding who to target.

It should be noted that too many permutations can cause your campaign budget to be spread too thin. This can negatively affect reach and delivery.

Set Up The Campaign And Budget

Finally, give your campaign a name, add your tracking pixels and decide how much you wish to spend on your adverts. You will have the option to spread your budget evenly or weight it by estimated reach of each ad set. You can also adjust setup (budget, bid, delete) for your selected ad sets in the preview table below.

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