In StitcherAds we allow you to group together campaigns in order to create a report view. This is particularly useful if you're trying to see the results of a specific sale, containing multiple products or if you want to see the performance of different campaign types e.g. prospecting/remarketing. You can in fact group campaigns together by any attribute you want - it's simple to use.

On the report pages we aggregate the statistics of all those campaigns together - giving you both a top level view and displaying the individual campaign and ad set statistics in a single page.

N.B. Because Facebook de-duplicate conversion events at a campaign level, you may find that the report statistics are slightly higher than what you have seen through your website analytics.

Select Campaigns
From the Campaigns > Overview page, simple select the campaigns you wish to create a report of by checking the box on the left hand side.

Having selected your campaigns, click the

button and pick from the options.

If you have already created a campaign report in the past, it will appear here and you can add these campaigns to it. If you have not, pick New report. The report will be created and you will be prompted to give it a name.

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