StitcherAds allow users to create more granular product sets through our Advanced Product Set Builder by allowing users to combine multiple product set rules together using AND/OR statements.

Advanced Product Sets Overview page.

Navigate to the Advanced Product Set overview page by clicking on the Settings tab located in the top right hand corner of your account and selecting 'Product Sets'. The overview page will display the various product sets that have been created.

Alternatively you can select +advanced product set in the 'Select a product set' section when creating a retargeting dynamic product ad or a Cross-selling dynamic product ad

Create an Advanced Product Set.

Click on

in the right hand corner of the overview page. This will bring you the Advanced Product Set Builder tool

  1. Choose the feed you want to create the product set from.

  2. Select the filter for your first rule i.e. price is greater than 100.

  3. Choose the condition AND/OR to combine rules.

  4. Select a filter for your second rule i.e. price is less than 100

  5. You'll be able to see your rules summary in the right hand panel.

  6. Give your product set a relevant name.

Note: Advanced Product sets must contain at least two rules.

Example 1: Basic AND/OR Rule Combination

Example 2: Adding Sub Filters.

This option allows you to add additional filters to your parent rule as well as being able to AND/OR additional rules.

Note: When adding a single sub filter to the parent rule the condition will always be 'AND'

Example 3: Adding Multiple Sub Filters

By adding additional sub filters to the parent rule you can achieve even more granularity into your product set creation.

Adding more than one sub filter to a parent rule will give additional AND/OR options.

Note: When adding more than one sub filter you can only choose 'AND' for all the subsequent sub filters or the 'OR' condition.

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