What is it?
We integrate with your third party analytics provider to receive regular (at least daily) updates of your last click conversion data. We import this data into your StitcherAds account and display it in your dashboard:

Which measurement companies are supported?
We can integrate with any measurement provider that can send the data to us in one of our flexible data formats. We've integrated with Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, etc.  

Who can use it?
Any of our clients that are on a long term contract (minimum 12 months)

How much does it cost?
The setup cost is dependent on your package and the level of integration required with your 3rd party provider.  

What are the benefits?
Clients are using it to highly automate the process of matching and comparing Facebook conversion data with their 3rd party analytics data.  They can also use the data to optimize their campaigns from within their dashboard. They no longer need to manually export data from Facebook and other systems and then match it in a spreadsheet of other software.   

How do I get it?
Talk to your customer success manager and we'll let you know if this solution is for you :-)

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