In June 2020, Apple announced a new iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, requiring mobile apps to show a discouraging prompt. The rollout of this prompt was delayed until early 2021 to give advertisers and publishers a chance to assess the changes required and to prepare. This will have hard hitting implications for businesses that advertize on mobile devices and across the web.

When Facebook and Instagram display the ATT prompt, it is expected that many users will decline, meaning that those advertisers that optimize, target, and / or report on mobile web events from any of the business tools will be impacted given Appleā€™s required limits on data sharing.

This will change how we receive and process conversion events from tools such as the Facebook pixel.

Offsite Conversion Metrics

7 day view, 28 day view and 28 day click will no longer be supported for offsite conversion metrics. Historical data will still be available. Statistically modelled data will be provided for certain attribution windows and will include in app annotations to indicate this fact to the users.

Impressions or Conversions

Currently action report time can be set to impressions or conversions. After ATT, impression time reporting on offsite conversions will only be available for historical data. This means that, for any report including data for a date range after ATT, impression time would no longer be available for all metrics. To see data based on impression time for those metrics where Facebook can still provide it, the new mixed action report time can be set when retrieving insights.

See more information on our blog post.

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