Please note: This feature is currently only available to approved Alpha clients, if you are interested in trying it out - please let your success manager know!  

Some background
Our permutations feature automatically segments your audience into separate ad sets based on attributes like age range, gender, customer device, location etc. Our creative variations feature automatically generates creative combinations and allows budget to be distributed to the ad(s) with the best performing creative. Our weighted budget feature allocates campaign budget proportionally across ad sets based on the reach estimate for each ad set in the

What is it ad set budget redistribution?
Our budget redistribution feature enable us to automatically shift budgets from your underspending ad sets to other ad sets within your campaign that can more effectively use that budget. 

What's the benefit and how does budget redistribution work?
You probably spend a considerable amount of time manually adjusting ad set budgets based on spend and ad set performance. Ad set budget redistribution makes this budgeting workflow more efficient by adjusting & reallocating spend automatically for each ad set without exceeding the campaign spend cap. As a result, you can effectively spend more of your budget on higher delivery ad sets.

We automatically move budget between ad sets in a campaign once a day around midnight in your time zone. We move budgets from ad sets experiencing under-delivery to budget-constrained ad sets that can deliver more impressions. 

To use this feature, you need ad sets under the same campaign:

  • That run at least 10 hours per day.

  • With the same budget type: daily or lifetime budget.

  • That are active at the time of redistribution.

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