We're making a big update to our dynamic ads workflow, with a completely revamped UI and new features to better optimize your dynamic campaigns. Here's what to expect for the update: 

  1.   We've updated our platform's look

Things are looking sleek. In an effort to further simplify our dynamic ad campaign creation process, we've adjusted our user interface. While the update has made campaign creation more intuitive, you'll notice things aren't exactly where they used to be. If you need any help navigating the new flow, we're happy to give a helping hand.

Change isn't always bad. We promise. 

2.   You can create up to 20 product set permutations targeting separate audiences within a single campaign workflow

You can either select previously created product sets or create new sets. For each set, establish your targeting preferences and each product set will be automatically segmented to the correct audience. 

3.   You can create prospecting, retargeting, cross-selling, and upselling campaigns in the same workflow

Previously, we had separate workflows for retargeting, cross-selling, and prospecting. Now, you'll enter a single workflow to build each of these campaign types. Choose prospecting to build interest and behavioral-based audiences, custom and lookalike audiences, and broad audiences. Or choose retargeting to use existing product audiences of website/app visitors or build new ones. 

4.   We've added smart suggestions for behavioral and interest-based targeting

Smart suggestions will use your previously-used targeting options to create custom suggestions for interest and behavior targeting. As you add new targeting preferences, these suggestions will update to match your current target audience. 

And even if you don't want our suggestions, click on 'Previously Used' to save some time and pull in targeting options you've used in the past.

5.   You now have more control over your ad placement permutations 

We believe you know your customers best. Which is why we've now given you more control to select your ad placements and build ad placement permutations. You can select by device and platform, selecting specific placements for your ads, and creating multiple permutations to test which placements work best for you.

6.   Build, preview, and test up to 10 creative permutations in a single campaign workflow

We've added a variety of new creative options, including easier creative testing. You can add up to 10 creative permutations that will be automatically tested against the product sets and audiences built.

7.   Create your own dynamic creative overlays or talk to your Customer Success Manager for custom creative

By selecting the checkbox 'Add an overlay', you'll now be able to assemble your own dynamic creative overlays. Add the price and then adjust shape, font, color, and position. And if you want something more custom, reach out to your Custom Success Manager for more information on our dynamic image template offering. 

8.   Preview all your creative permutations combined with your product set permutations

Your creative may look different with each product set. Now you can preview your creative with the various product sets selected. Just click on the creative permutation you'd like to view, head to 'Ad Preview', and click through the Product Set Permutation tabs to view your creative with different product groups.

9.   Our updated campaign assistant will warn you when you've built competing ad sets or targeting, when your budget is too low for distribution, and more

We all make mistakes. That's why we've added warnings to let you know when your selections may results in poor campaign performance. Areas that still need attention will be highlighted in red and you can read a summary of our suggestions in your campaign summary. 

10.   Review and delete (or undo delete!) your ad sets before placing your order

After running through your dynamic ad campaign setup, review and edit before placing your order. Delete unnecessary ad sets and budget will automatically be redistributed based on your selected preference. Or if you change your mind, just hit undo. Simple as that.

If you have any questions or initial feedback on these changes, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Here's to limitless permutations 🥂

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