Facebook recently released the Collection ad format, allowing you to serve a collection of products from your catalog, highlighted by a category-level image or video. The Collection ad is a mobile-only, Facebook-only format. It’s fully immersive, allowing users to browse a full set of products in ad. Already it’s demonstrated a strong ability to reach, engage, and convert new audiences, making it a powerful tool in your prospecting arsenal.

To build a Collection ad, start by: 

  1. Logging in to your StitcherAds account

  2. Clicking “Create Campaign” in the navigation bar 

  3. Selecting “Collection Ad” under Website Campaigns

Your campaign workflow will look similar to other formats, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you build your ad. Here are the top three recommendations for setting up a Collection ad:

#1: When selecting a product set, consider the full collection of products that you’d like to feature.

When using a Collection ad, users will see an ad comprised of a hero image or video, with 4 related products from your product set displayed underneath. Upon click the ad will open full screen, allowing users to browse the full collection of products within the ad. With that in mind, choose category-focused product sets that include similar, cohesive products, which will help you as you build your audience. Smaller product sets will make more sense for in-ad browsing, so try to narrow to a specific focus from your product catalog.

If you need to create a new product set for this ad format, select the little “+” underneath the Select Product Set module to create a filter.

#2: When selecting a hero image or video, choose a campaign asset that best represents the product set selected.

In your Collection ad, users will see a hero image or video in their feed, representing the collection of products they will be able to browse. This image or video will serve as the eye-catching creative element in your ad, so it should be engaging. But make sure that this image or video is directly relevant to the product set selected for best results. 

If you’re using a hero image, the recommended size is 1200 x 628 pixels. To maximize ad delivery, use an image that contains little or no overlaid text. Please note, text-based logos, watermarks, and numbers are also included as “text” as it pertains to ad delivery. 

If you’re using a hero video, the recommended specs are a 16:9 .mov or .mp4 file with a resolution of at least 720p. File size can be no larger than 2.3 GB and the video can be no longer than 60 minutes long.

Images and videos can be selected from your current media library or feed, or you can upload new images and videos. 


#3. When selecting targeting, make sure your audience is well-suited for the category-level product set selected.

Collection Ads are best suited for upper funnel—that is, they’re ideal for prospecting. With that in mind, you’ll need to build an audience that would be most interested in the ad you just created. Make sure your targeting settings match the product set selected. Product sets might have a number of variables to consider like standard age groups/gender, required interests, or income-levels depending on average price of the products in your set. 

In the end, you know your customer best and should choose the targeting mix that makes the most sense for your target consumer.

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