In the early stages of onboarding onto the platform, it is common for customers to see different data in StitcherAds than they do in Ads Manager or Power Editor. Here are the main three reasons why:

1. Date range -- StitcherAds defaults to a lifetime view when you load a page. It's important to update it so that you're looking at the same date range when comparing to Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor:

2. Choosing the right metrics -- the old Conversion pixel is being deprecated and the new Facebook pixel will be the one to use going forward. Make sure you're comparing the correct metrics in StitcherAds by viewing data from the new pixel, or "Custom Audience Pixel" as it's called in the platform, instead of All Website Actions or the old pixel's data:

3. Attribution window -- StitcherAds defaults to Facebook's standard 28 day click / 1 day view attribution window. If you rely on a different style of attribution, you'll want to make sure to tweak this in the platform:

Comparing StitcherAds Data to 3rd Party Tracking Systems

As mentioned above, StitcherAds defaults to Facebook's standard 28 day click / 1 day view attribution window. Most third party tracking systems try to remain channel agnostic, and in doing so they adhere to a different approach to attribution than Facebook does. Systems like DCM, Google Analytics, etc., typically work off of a "last click" or 1 day click / 0 day view model instead of the 28/1 Facebook default.

Facebook uses this model to account for the increasingly common occurrence of a consumer shopping for and viewing products on their mobile device (phone, tablet), and deciding to complete the purchase on their desktop, for example. Without this type of approach, you can miss out on critical insights and potential advertising opportunities to new prospects who could otherwise turn to customers.

However, it makes sense that if you rely on a 3rd party tracking system as your source of truth, you'll want to see numbers that compare as closely as possible. In StitcherAds, you have the ability to tweak the attribution window to see data as you see fit.

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