Once a user is added to StitcherAds it doesn't necessarily mean that they have access to perform all actions in StitcherAds i.e. Viewing Metrics, Campaign creation, Product Catalogs for Dynamic Product Ads.

If you notice that a user doesn't have permissions to perform certain actions in StitcherAds for a particular ad account you may need to review that users permissions in Business Manager.

To review a users permission in Business Manager;

- Navigate to your companies Business Manager account.

- Click on Business Settings in the left navigation window.

- Select Advert Account and search for the Advert Account in which you wish to adjust a users permission.

The following Advert Account Roles can be assigned to a user.

Advert Account Admin

Can manage all aspects of campaigns, including creating reports, viewing and editing billing details, assigning account roles and access to create Product Sets.

Advert Account Advertiser

Can see and edit adverts and set up adverts using the payment method associated with the advert account, but can't set account level.

Advert Account Analyst

Can view advert performance

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