Instead of reporting your website conversions through the use of a Facebook Conversion pixel you can instead use ‘Standard Events’ available through the Facebook Pixel - also know as the Website Custom Audience Pixel (WCA) or retargeting pixel.

You will likely already have this pixel setup on your website - especially if you are doing Dynamic Product Ads as it is fundamental to that advert type. If you have not already installed the Facebook Pixel, follow the guidance here on how to do that.

Enabling the Facebook Pixel to report checkout data is simple, all you need to is insert the additional items of value and currency as you would have done with your conversion pixels. Here is an example:

NOTE: the ‘value’ you pass into the pixel should be dynamically inserted based on the value of the basket purchased.

IMPORTANT: Sending the purchase value back via the Facebook pixel in addition to the conversion pixel will likely result in the ALL WEBSITE ACTIONS data in your campaign report data being inflated - as Facebook registers both. To avoid this happening you should either not attach the original checkout conversion pixel as a tracking/optimisation pixel to your campaign or alternatively, customise your report view to only show data from the Facebook Pixel i.e. Custom Audience Pixel > Purchases > Total. Contact your Success Manager should you have any questions.

All Website Actions:

Selecting the Custom Audience only data:

Full information on the implementation of the Facebook Pixel and it's events can be found here.

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