Conversion pixels help you to monitor and optimise your campaigns. Many of StitcherAds Rules rely on the data that is returned from conversion pixels in order to work.

To install your conversion pixel, follow the steps:

1. Create your Conversion Pixel by clicking on Pixels>Create or if you already have an existing conversion pixel, you will find the code by navigating to Pixels>Overview.

2. Copy and paste the pixel code between the <Head></Head> tags on each page of your website that you would like to track actions, ie:

View = on all pages that constitute a product view

Registration = on your "Registration complete" page

Checkout = on your "Checkout complete" page

3. Ensure that the basket value is inserted in the 'value' field for the Checkout pixel. Without a dynamic value in the 'value' field, StitcherAds will be unable to give you reports on the revenue generated by your ads and the ROI.

4. Check that your site currency is correctly set in the 'currency' field. The currency should match one from this supported list.

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