If StitcherAds is unable to read your feed you will see an error message that tells you we didn't find any products in your feed.

A common reason for the error is that we are unable to read the tags used in your feed to separate products. StitcherAds caters for common tags such as <item> or <entry> but if your tag varies you need to tell us how the feed is separated.

In order to help you troubleshoot your feed, we show you snippet of your feed. In the example above you can see that the feed is actually separated by the tag <product>. If you enter this into the box and click update it will try to re-read your feed.

Other common things to try are removing the plural i.e. not <products> but <product> and also ensuring that there is no captalisation i.e. <Item> instead of <item>.

If you are still unable to import your feed please contact the StitcherAds Success team using the support tab on the bottom left hand side of StitcherAds.

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