*NOTE - With the 2016 upgrade to the Facebook Pixel, the strategy listed below now applies to the Purchase event.

One of the most commonly used Rules in StitcherAds helps you to optimise campaigns based on a target Cost per Checkout. The easiest way to explain how to set up this type of rule is to take a look at an example:

Target Cost per Checkout = $20

Sometimes it can take a while for a campaign to build up momentum. You don't want rules to kick in too early. StitcherAds facilitates this by allowing you to set up a Start Condition for the Rule. For example, if your Cost per Checkout target is $20, you might want to let Adsets spend up to $60 before you impose the rule.

Live campaigns may also have Adsets that have zero checkouts. In this case, the Cost per Checkout is going to remain at 0 until the first checkout. Therefore a second rule is needed that will Pause Adset/Send Notification if the number of Checkouts = 0:

Your rule should look like this:

Please note: Rules are based on a 28/1 attribution window. Rules are checked on an hourly basis.

A Quick Note on Prospecting Campaigns...

For campaigns that exclude an audience like "Website Visitors - past 30 days", as a best practice for aligning alongside retargeting campaigns, a Rule based on Cost per Purchase might not make sense. Instead, it would be more appropriate to create rules for Cost per View Content or Cost per Add to Cart.

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