In StitcherAds you can add additional adsets to an existing campaign. This feature will allow you to add additional ad types and multiple adset permutations on top of what already exist in other campaigns.

Note: If you chose to add to an existing campaign then the campaign name, objective and status are set by the existing campaign you select.

To add additional adsets to an existing campaign simply follow these steps:

1. Select the type of campaign you wish to create i.e. product ad, carousel ad, etc. from the create section in StitcherAds

2. Fill in all the required campaign details as outlined in our various campaign creation articles i.e. creative info, targeting, permutations etc.

3. Once you've filled in your campaign details you can then chose to add your adsets to an existing campaign by navigating to 'Set up your campaign' section and selecting the appropriate campaign from the 'Add ad sets and budget to an existing campaign' box.

Important: The budget you set for the additional adsets will be added onto the budget of that existing campaign i.e. If your existing campaign has a budget of $10K and the new adsets to add have a budget of $10K then the total budget will be $20K once the new adsets are added.

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