Setting up Rules in StitcherAds helps you to avoid spending money on adverts that aren't achieving your goals.

In StitcherAds you can set rules that will take actions on your behalf while you're away from the desk. These rules are set at a campaign level and every hour they check all the individual adsets included in that campaign.

Setting up a rule
Setup is simple, firstly select the campaign you want to run your rule for in the box at the top, then start adding your rules

Start conditions
In StitcherAds you can specify the point at which you want to start running rules. This is important and it's good practice to allow your campaign some time to get exposure before you start to optimise - we offer the following start conditions:

  • Spend - checks the amount spent per adset not the campaign as a whole

  • Time Elapsed - checks the time passed since the adset was set live

  • Status - checks is the adset is either active or paused

End conditions
You should set end conditions that reflect the goal of your campaign - in StitcherAds we currently support the following end conditions:

  • Average Basket Value - calculated from the value sent back by your pixel

  • Number of Pixel Fires - essentially the number of times that action has occurred

  • Cost Per Pixel Fire - the adset spend divided by the number of fires of that pixel

The end conditions can be set against any standard conversion event and you are able to add multiple end conditions by click the


N.B. For certain rules to run effectively it is essential that you select the correct event and, in the case of Average Basket Value, that your pixel is setup to pass value back.

Once your rules are running, StitcherAds will perform an action on your behalf; we currently support:

  • Send Email - where StitcherAds will send you an email detailing which adsets have infringed your goals

  • Pause Campaign - where StitcherAds will pause the infringing adset on your behalf

Saving and activation
Finally you should check the 'Activate this rule now' box and save your rule. Every hour, StitcherAds will run your rules to assess the performance of your campaigns.

If you set End conditions similar to 'Cost per Pixel Fire for Checkout Pixel is Greater than 15' we suggest that you add a second condition of 'Number of Pixel Fires for Checkout Pixel is equal to 0'. This will catch where a campaign has had zero checkout conversions.

Please note: Rules are based on a 28/1 attribution window.

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