Note: The Advanced URL Parameters for tracking feature is only available for customer on the Standard, High Volume and Unlimited subscriptions. See our pricing plans for more details. If you require this feature to be enabled, please submit a request to your Customer Success Manager.

Advanced URL parameters give you a free-form text box to define your own custom URL parameters setup.

For example: If you wanted to combine multiple attributes in the same dynamic URL parameters such as content={age|gender} you would be able to this by doing the following.

1. Click the drop down labeled 'Advanced' in URL Parameter settings.

2. Copy the URL parameter string that is currently in place, making sure to not include the /? at the beginning (StitcherAds will automatically append this).

3. Paste the URL parameter string into the box labelled 'Params String'

4. Append '&content={age|gender}' to the string.

How do I dynamically insert a campaign tracking ID for every campaign I create?

When the Advanced URL Parameters for tracking feature is enabled on your account - you will notice that a "Brand name" field appears in the "Setup your campaign section" when creating campaigns.

You can use this field to pass in the campaign ID for each campaign you create. As described above you will need to configure your 'Params String' to also include this parameter by appending your parameter key and the brand, for example: /? utm_medium=Facebook_PD &utm_source=FB_PD &utm_campaign={{campaign_name}}&CampaignID={{brand}}

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