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The Multiple Product Feeds feature allows up to 3 product feeds per Ads Account. This feature is particularly useful for users who have product feeds for different countries or languages.

Product Feed Overview

Once Multiple Product Feeds has been enabled, navigate to Settings>Product Feed.

Here you can:

- see how many more product feeds can be added to the account ie 2 remaining.

- delete product feeds that have already been added by clicking on the

button next to the feed.

- manage existing product feeds by clicking on the name or clicking 'More Info.'

- create a new product feed by clicking on the green 'Create New Feed' button in the top right hand corner.

Learn more about setting up a new product feed:

Configure Your Product Feed

How to choose a Multiple Product Feed when creating a campaign.

If you have more than one feed configured in StitcherAds, you must choose which feed to use when creating a campaign.

1. Navigate to Create a new campaign and select the required ad format eg Product Ad, Carousel Product Ad, Right Hand Column Ad, Retargeting Dynamic Product Ad, Cross-selling Dynamic Product Ad.

2. The Product Feed search section displays which product feed is in use. Click on 'change' and all the available product feeds will be displayed. Select the appropriate product feed by clicking on the product feed name.

3. Create your campaign as normal

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