StitcherAds gives advertisers the ability to easily generate Video View Lookalike Audiences from their Video Ad Audiences.

Follow the steps:

1. Navigate to Dashboard>Audiences.

2. Click on the green

button located on the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. Choose 'Video View Lookalike Audience'

4. Complete the form:

  • Give your audience a name.

  • Select a video post.

  • Select a country.

  • Choose between 'users who watched more than 3 seconds of the video' or 'users who watched the entire video.'

  • Choose the lookalike ratio.

  • Click on 'Create.'

The Video View Lookalike Audiences you just created will be listed on the 'Manage Custom Audiences' page under the Lookalike Audience tab.

How to use Video View Lookalike Audiences

1. Navigate to Create a new campaign and select the required ad format eg Product Ad, Carousel Product Ad or Right Hand Column Ad.

2. Select a Fan Page

3. If you do not have a product feed, you must upload an image, name, description and URL for each separate product.

4. Add your domain URL and enter the message you would like to appear.

5. Scroll down to the section labelled 'Define Your Target Audience'

6. Select your Video View lookalike audience.

7. Complete the Targeting section and configure the campaign details.

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