It's now possible in StitcherAds to create advanced audiences using travel specific parameters for your retargeting and Cross-selling Dynamic Product Ad campaigns.

Note: Your website must be setup to record these parameters in your Facebook Standard Events in order to build audiences from these. To enable this feature for your StitcherAds account please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales representative.

To create audiences using these parameters follow the steps below.

1) Create a new retargeting or Cross-selling Dynamic Product Ad

2) In the 'What type of audience do you want to find' section, click on the radio button labeled 'use an existing product audience' which will enable you to click on the '+' button.

3) Select 'Travel Based Goods or Products'

4) Create your audience

  • Name your product audience. Make sure to give this a relevant name.
  • Select the Facebook Standard Events you want to use i.e. viewed in the last x duration.
  • Select the travel parameter you want to use i.e. Destination of Travel.
  • You can choose to exclude a rule by clicking on the 'But' selection box.

Note: It's possible to add multiple parameters by clicking in the + box.

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