Retargeting Dynamic Product Ads is an ad format that allows you to automatically retarget people on Facebook mobile and desktop News Feed with the products they recently Viewed or Added to Basket on your website. It makes the product retargeting ads even easier to set up and manage and is even better at lowering your CPA.

To set up Retargeting Dynamic Product Ads, follow these simple 7 Steps:

Getting a DPA campaign set up

1. DPA Pixel Implementation:

In addition to having the WCA pixel on your site, you will also need to add 3 custom events. Click on the link for instructions on implementing DPA Pixels.

2. What Product Feed Items do you want to advertise?

What categories/products/search terms do you wish to use in order to select products to advertise? For instance do you want to specifically advertise a category like shoes or bags, would you like to advertise a set of products based on price like all products > $100, or do you wish to advertise your entire product catalogue.

3. What Text do you want to use for the campaign?

This is pretty much the same type of setup text you would use in a normal Product Ad.

  • Message - This can include Name, Brand, Description, Price from Feed.
  • Headline text for the advert - This can include Name, Brand, Description, Price from Feed.
  • Call to Action button - i.e. Shop now

4. What Targeting do you want to use?

You can choose from the following rules. For each of these options, X is number of days you specify:

  • Viewed in the last X days, but not bought
  • Added to basket, but not bought in last X days
  • Viewed or added to basket, but not bought in last X days

5. Where would you like to place your adverts?

These can be AND/OR

  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Desktop Right Column

6. Define Daily Budget Amount

The bid type for DPA campaigns can be CPC or CPM and they run on a daily budget.

  • What is your daily budget at?
  • Which bid type will you use?
  • What bid amount will you use?

7. Scheduling

How long do you want this campaign to run for?

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