Website Custom Audiences (WCA) are a powerful way of targeting your website visitors. An advantage they have over Audiences from a Datafile is that they update in near realtime; once a WCA is set up, it will populate with the users who have performed the require action on a rolling basis.

Setting up Website Custom Audiences
First and foremost, when using Website Custom Audiences you need to install your Website Custom Audience Pixel. You will find the Pixel code in the Settings menu at the top right hand side.

Click on Settings and select Dynamic Product Setup.

Copy the code so you can email it to your development team for implementation or click on the Send Code To Developers button. The Retargeting Pixel should be placed in the <head> on every page on your site.

To create a Website Custom Audience, click on Audience from the left hand side menu. Click on the 'Create New Audience Types' button at the top right hand side of the screen.

Click on the "Website" icon to choose the type of audience you want to create.

Give your audience a name and then specify the rules you wish to use in order to add people to that audience.

If you are trying to add all site visitors you might set the rule as:
Visited: url
Property: contains any

In the next field, you can set the retention of the audience. This is the length of time over which people will be added to this audience. If, for instance, you set it as 30 days, users who have met the rule criteria you set anytime as far back as 30 days before today will be included in the audience. The maximum is 180 days.

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