Before getting started make sure your feed is compatible here.

Adding The Feed
You will find the Product Feed pages under Settings in the top right hand side of your screen.

- Click on

- Choose the associated Facebook Business.

- Give the product feed a name. Since there may be multiple feeds make sure to give it a suitable name i.e. - French.

- Enter the URL of your product feed. You can get samples of feed formats by clicking on

</> See a sample button.

- Select the scrape interval. Your choice of scrape interval should reflect how often you update your feed - especially when it comes to attributes such as availability. StitcherAds will sync with it at this interval to ensure the data available to you is up-to-date.

- Click on the 'Enable Locale Targeting' check box to display a list of countries to associate your feed with. This is typically selected if you've multiple feeds for different regions.

Mapping Unmatched Fields

Once your feed has been imported, if fields are not mapped automatically they can be mapped manually.

On the right hand side you will see the items needing your attention, simply select the correct attribute from the drop downs provided.

Once you have successfully mapped all the required fields click on the "Save My Feed" button.


If you see the following error please read this article.

Click Here to test your product feed for compatibility!

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