Did you know: StitcherAds supports Multiple Product Feeds.

StitcherAds currently supports a variety of feed formats including XML and comma, tab or pipe delimited files e.g. CSV, TSV, etc. Your feed should be available on a live URL and should be updated at least every 24 hours for new products and stock availability.

We can also pull your feed from your FTP site. Zipped files are supported but the file must match our normal feed format requirements once it is unzipped. The URL to your FTP site should have the username and password inline. For example:

  • ftp://username:password@yoursite.com/product_feed_uk.csv.gz

Both Facebook and Twitter are fully compatible with the Google feed specification so it is advised that your feed matches this as closely as possible. StitcherAds feed processor makes it possible to manually map columns that do not match this specification, add missing data and correct data.

The Product Feed must contain at least these 9 mandatory elements that are required for the automated creation of ads:

  1. ID - The product identifier that you use on your website/ecommerce system. (50 character limit)
  2. Title - The name of the product (150 Character limit)
  3. Availability - The current availability status of the product ('in stock' or 'out of stock')
  4. Link - The URL to the product page on your website without any URL tracking parameters (This must include the http:// portion and has a 2,000 character limit)
  5. Image_Link - The URL to an image of the product (Must start with 'http://' or 'https://' and has a 2,000 character limit)
  6. Product_Type - The category of the product (Character limit 750, e.g. Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Appliances > Refrigerators)
  7. Brand - The product brand (70 Character limit)
  8. Price - The price of the product including the currency e.g. $100
  9. Description - A description of the product (5,000 Character limit)

Please Note:

In the case of prices, a period should be used to denote the separation to decimals not a comma i.e. five thousand should be entered 5,000.00 not 5.000,00. It's also recommended that 'Currency' is defined in the <g:price> attribute, please see below. If this is not defined it will default to '$'.

In relation to URL parameter tracking. The 'Link' URL to the product page on your website' should not contain and tracking parameters. Tracking parameters can be configured and dynamically added to URLs.

If you are unsure if your feed is supported you can try it out here.

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