In October, we publicly released our new Dashboard interface for all StitcherAds users. The new dashboard brings additional analysis and editing functionality directly into StitcherAds, saving users steps and time as they optimize their campaigns.

Part of this release included many updates to the Graphs section of the platform. Whether you are working on the Overall Dashboard or within individual objectives, campaigns or ad sets, we've improved the Graphs to highlight important information and metrics in a eye-catching and easy to use manner.

Setting up and Interacting with the updated Graphs

To setup which metrics are displayed on the graph, you can click on the KPIs gear icon on the bottom left hand side and select up to 7 data points to display. Note that, depending on which KPIs are selected, there may be multiple Y axes on the right hand side to better display the range of data.

For additional functionality, you can:

  • Select/deselect certain metrics above the graph using the check boxes
  • Click on the name of a metric to only show that data (click on it again to show all metrics).
  • Hover over the name of a metric to highlight that part of the graph (compare the screenshot below highlighting the Revenue line while all other data turns gray).

Updated Graphs - Campaign Information & Breakdowns

When you've clicked into an individual campaign, we now highlight specific information about that campaign in the Breakdown along the left side of the graph. This information includes Status, Delivery, Active and Spent Budget as well as the Schedule.

Also of note are the 3 options down the left spine, allowing you to add the campaign to a report, edit the campaign name and toggle the chart settings. The toggle settings include changing between the daily and hourly graphs as well as showing in-depth breakdowns.

As seen below, the in-depth breakdowns can show you various stats by device/placement, age, gender, time, location and more:

Updated Graphs - Ad Set Information & Targeting

Like with campaigns, detailed information is displayed along the left side once you've clicked into a specific ad set. Additionally, you can click on the Toggle Graph button and bring in a targeting summary in the graph area. This allows you to check your targeting setup and estimated reach quickly.

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