In October, we publicly released our new Dashboard interface for all StitcherAds users. The new dashboard brings additional analysis and editing functionality directly into StitcherAds, saving users steps and time as they optimize their campaigns.

Part of this release included many updates to the Data Table sections of the platform. Whether you are working on the Overall Dashboard or within individual objectives, campaigns or ad sets, we've improved the Data Tables to offer more customization and editing options.

Setting and Saving the updated Data Tables

To choose which metrics are shown in the data table, you can select the Customize gear icon on the left hand side of the table. This will allow you to bring in a variety of information, settings and stats. Note that you can now display actions as driven by the WCA event tags (you will find this under Website Actions > Custom Audience Pixel) in addition to any conversion pixels you've placed on the site.

Additionally, you can tweak the data table by:

  • Searching through your campaigns, ad sets and ads by clicking into the Search field on the top right of the data table. Using this you can quickly filter down to the campaigns you want to see.
  • Adjust the width of each column
  • Sort by any stat or setting
  • Hover over a campaign, ad set or ad name to get details on it's full name and creation date
  • View a preview of the ad (ad-level only)
  • Adjust the height of the table by selecting the number of rows to display.

Once you've setup the table to your liking, it will save in that state for that level (Account/Objective, Campaign or Ad Set). This allows you to benefit from the time-savings of persistent columns while also allowing you to display different metrics based on what object you are analyzing.

Editing Ad Sets and Ads in the updated Data Tables

We're also excited to offer new functionality when it comes to editing live campaigns in StitcherAds. While analyzing your data, you can click on the pencil icon to edit the campaign (name only), ad set or ad in question.

For ad sets, the edit options include the ad set name, targeting, placements, scheduling, bidding and budget.

For ads, you can edit any specific part of the creative. This includes the ad name, fan page, message, images, call to action and URLs. For carousel product ads, you can edit all products as well as the rotation/order settings.

In addition to the creative edits, you can also set the tracking pixel for each specific ad if you'd like.

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