Dynamic Product Ad permutations can also be used if you want to nest the audiences for product sets in the same campaign.

There are a number of reasons you may want to use this strategy:
- Because people who have visited your site most recently are more likely to purchase your products than those who last visited your site a week ago, you can now separate out these two behaviours and bid different amounts on them.
- Similarly, should you see your ads have a high frequency, you can nest the audiences and bid lower the longer it is since a user saw your products, thus decreasing the chance of them seeing your ad.

For instance, use the first slot to pick the relevant product set, in this case, All Products. Then specify the behaviour of the people you wish to see those product - e.g. viewed in the last 2 days, added to cart in the last 2 days but did not purchase in the last 180 days.

In the next slot, pick the same Product Set, but use the New Advance Product Audience to create your nested audience e.g. viewed in the last 7 days, added to cart in the last 7 days but do show the products to people who have viewed in the last 2 days and added to cart in the last 7 days.

Again, StitcherAds automatically selects Product Set permutations for you

And as a result you’ll see them split out in your adset summary at the bottom of the page. This is also where you can adjust the bids for each of the adsets so it reflects the value of the audience to which you are advertising.

We’ve also rolled in the ability to expand these with other targeting permutations similar to what you see Carousel and Product ad formats. Simply check the additional permutations you wish to create and they will appear in the advert summary below.

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