We've designed StitcherAds so that there are two easily used areas of navigation.

The left-hand side menu gives you access to your Facebook campaigns and assets while the top navigation bar provides your setup and general settings menus.

Left Menu (Campaigns and more)

  • Home takes you to your accounts list, allowing you to easily switch between various aspects of your business. (If you would like to link additional ads accounts, please contact your Customer Success Manager).
  • Dashboard is your main section for campaign charting and analysis. The Overall Statistics dashboard allows you to focus on recent and active campaigns while the Overall Objectives dashboard breaks out your account by campaign type/objective. Please see our Dashboard Update section for more detailed information on the Dashboard features.
  • Under Campaigns,you can Create new campaigns, setup automated Rules for campaigns that are already running and create detailed Reports. You can also view All Campaigns and quickly find any campaign you've ever run.
  • Audiences details your current WCA and Lookalike audiences and gives you the ability to create new ones as well.
  • Under Pixels you can review your current conversion pixels (and create LAL audiences off of them) and create new ones as well.

Top Menu (Setup and Settings)

In addition to the various information displayed (Time Zone, Currency, Current Account), you can also make many changes under the Settings drop-down. These include:

  • Adding users and editing your current subscription under Account Management.
  • Setting up ad set/advert naming conventions and automatic URL parameters for analytics and tracking under Advert Tracking.
  • Importing and mapping your Product Feed for DPA and other campaign creation.
  • Instructions and pixel information to setup Dynamic Product events.
  • Product Sets that have been created along with their various definitions and parameters.
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