When a product feed is saved, StitcherAds automatically creates 1 day and 30 day test audiences for users to determine if there DPA pixels are firing correctly.

Note: These audiences are only created for testing purposes and cannot be used in a campaign.

To view these test audience navigate to Settings>Product Feed and click on the 'Test Audiences' Tab.

If the Events are firing correctly, the 1 day and 30 day audiences will begin to populate. Depending on your website traffic this could take up to 24 hours.

Why am I not seeing any test audiences?

If you don't see any audiences after clicking into the 'Test Audiences' tab, click on the green 'Update Settings' button and re-save your feed. Once the feed has been re-saved and imported, the test audiences should appear.

If the audiences still don't populate, the Events may not be firing correctly and you will need to review your DPA event tag implementation.

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