A product set is a group of products that are created from your product catalog and used in Dynamic Product Ads.

An 'All Products' product set is created by default when you are set up to use Dynamic Product Ads. This 'All Products' set contains all the products that are within your product catalog.

Creating a Product Set

StitcherAds allows you to define the products that you want to include in a product set by giving you the option to group certain products together from your product catalog.

You can group these products together by filtering them under the following options.

When creating a retargeting dynamic product ad or a Cross-selling dynamic product ad you can crate a new product set by clicking on the + symbol in the 'Select a product set' section.

Example 1: Using the Category Filter

This filter allows you to filter by a specific product category defined within your product feed e.g. Sofas

1) Give your product set a relevant name.

2) Select 'category' as your filter option.

3) Select the condition i.e. in this instance I chose 'contains' as I want to pull back all products categorized as 'Sofa'

Example 2: filter by Price.

This filter option is useful if your product catalog contains a lot of products with variant price ranges.

You may want to create product sets for products less than $100, between $100 and $500 or greater than $500. By doing this you can assign a different bid strategy to the most valuable products.

Create Advanced Product Sets

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