At StitcherAds, we believe in keeping you in control of your advertising and empowering you to make Facebook adverts work hard for you. Targeting permutations help provide granularity to your campaign structure.

Control of your CPA (Cost per acquisition)
Campaigns set up with broad targeting give conversions from mobile and desktop, from males and females and from all ages.

Some of these demographics are more expensive to target and also are likely to deliver a CPA over what you would ideally spend (the specifics will of course depend on many factors including your product, vertical, etc). Using targeting permutations will allow you to pause any under performing segments without the need to pause the entire campaign. If you're experiencing a high CPA for +45s, you can pause all ad sets targeted to that demographic - or you can use StitcherAds rules to do it on your behalf!

Creating Targeting Permutations
Below the Targeting section of Ad creation you will see all permutation options available to you - these are dependent on the targeting you've set but all you need do is click the ones you wish to create. When you create your campaign, StitcherAds will produce ad sets that reflect your selection so you can stay in control - and keep that CPA down!

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