If your feed contains custom labels i.e. columns such as 'g:custom_label_0', 'g:custom_label_1', 'g:custom_label_2', etc you can filter your product sets by this data in StitcherAds.

These additional columns in your feed can be used to enhance your filtered product sets by giving you granularity not available though other supported columns. You can use the fields to add data such as popularity, profit margin, etc and then filter to advertise these with different bids and budgets.

Simply select the appropriate custom label from your drop down on either our standard product set builder:

Or our advanced product set builder:

Adding Custom Labels to your feed
If you do not have custom labels in your feed they should be added as new columns in the format 'g:custom_label_*' where * is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Only 5 custom labels are currently supported by Facebook. You can also rename current columns in your feed to custom labels should you wish to be able to filter on that data in StitcherAds.

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