Ad creative and copy can have a huge impact on the performance of your campaigns, and good ad creative can vary widely between different types of advertisers. Generally, you can look to your Ad Relevancy score as a key indicator of how your ad is being received by your audience. If you’re just getting started with your ads or if you have low ad relevancy scores, the rules listed below can be a great starting point.

Device & Placement

Be sure to keep in mind the various formats where your ad will show. If you are running on mobile, make sure to view a mobile ad preview and ensure you can still read the copy that is being used clearly. If you’re running on right hand column, keep in mind this is a much smaller ad space and your ad can be perceived differently.

Copy Length

Less is more. Shorter ad copy is usually more effective since it’s easier for the consumer to read quickly, and is typically more visually appealing. Try keeping your message to a couple lines, and avoid using lengthy titles & descriptions.

Promotions & Time Sensitive Copy

The use of promotions or time sensitive ad copy can be very effective. Test using special offers, discount codes, and “Limited Time” type phrases to encourage people to take a specific action.


This is another good way to utilize the ad preview tool. Check to see if your images come across as quality and interesting. If you’re running DPAs, make sure your images are relevant to the specific product or offer. Image sizes of 600 x 600 pixels is suggested, and even required when running on Instagram.

DPA Dynamic Insertion

For DPAs, use dynamic insertion for product specific copy. Utilize the product Name, Price, Description or Brand from the feed in various areas of the ad. Test different combinations of these elements from your feed to see what combination works best in driving clicks and conversions.

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