After signing up to your 14 day free trial of StitcherAds, there are a number of steps to follow which will ensure you get the most from the trial.

Step 1:

When you first login, StitcherAds will ask you to grant several Facebook permissions related to your ads account. These include permissions to manage your ads account, create page posts and others that are required for you to be able to create and manage Facebook ads from within StitcherAds. Each StitcherAds user in your organisation will need to grant these permissions to be able to use StitcherAds.

TIP: Always ensure you are logged into Facebook when you are accessing your StitcherAds account.

Step 2:

You will also be asked to Accept Facebook's Terms of Service if you have not already done so.

If you have any problems accepting the Terms of Service, you may be seeing the wrong terms of service.

Once you have successfully accepted the Terms of Service you will be taken to the StitcherAds Dashboard.

TIP: You can enable access for you colleagues by adding users to your StitcherAds account.

Step 3:

Configure your dashboard to show the date ranges and attribution window you would like to report.

You can change the date range that is reported by selecting the Date Range dropdown

The attribution window is set to Facebook's default of 28 days Click Through and 1 day View Through. You can select each of these settings and edit the attribution you want to report.

Step 4:

Create your first campaign by Clicking on Campaigns>Create on the left hand side menu. Chose the ad format you would like to run.

Next, follow the steps to complete you Creative, Targeting and Campaign Budget and place your order.

TIP: You can "Save Your Creative" and "Save Targeting" for reuse in future Campaign creation.

Step 5:

Get the most from your Facebook adspend by monitoring performance and optimising your adsets and campaigns. Setup Rules to monitor different aspects of your campaign performance, eg Adspend per Conversion.

TIP: Ensure you have set up your Conversion Pixel so that you can monitor the performance of your campaigns and optimise accordingly.

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