When using StitcherAds for the first time, you may need to accept a few of Facebook's Terms of Service in order to take full advantage of our tool. We will allow you to use as much of StitcherAds as possible without accepting these but certain features will be disabled where Facebook requires you to have accepted them.

Creating your first advert
If you have created adverts with Facebook before, you may already have accepted some of these Terms of Service, but if not, when you arrive on the advert create pages, we will ask you to accept the relevant terms. All you need do is click the link(s) provided and hit Accept button on the Facebook Page.

Click Accept seen here in the top left.

If you have not accepted all the Terms of Service, some aspects of advert creation will be unavailable to you.

Audiences and Pixels
Some of the same Terms of Service required for creating adverts are also required for creating audiences and managing your pixels. Similar to above, if you have not already accepted these Terms, you will need to click the links provided and accept the Terms of Service shown.

What if I see an error?
We are aware of an issue with Facebook's Terms for Custom Audiences where only Facebook advert account administrators are able to access and accept this. If you see the following page it is likely that you need your Facebook account administrator to accept them on your behalf.

If you continue to experience issues having asked your Facebook advert account administrator to accept these Terms of Service, please contact StitcherAds Support.

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