We have two options for 'copying' a campaign. Read on to learn how to create an exact replica of a campaign, ad set or ad. If you would like to preload and edit a new campaign with the exact same settings as a previous campaign then check out our Copy & Edit feature.

When you are looking at a list of your campaigns, ad sets or ads simply select what you want to copy and click the the 'Duplicate' option to create a copy of it.

You can then choose the campaign or ad set to which you would like to add the item you duplicated. You will notice that the list of existing campaigns or ad sets you can choose from is restricted to those that have the same objective as the campaign / ad set containing the item(s) being duplicated. Alternatively you can add the item copied to the same campaign:

When the item is copied, you can then edit it as required by clicking the edit pen beside the item name:

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