If you're an administrator on at least one account in Business Manager, you can create offline event sets in Offline Event Manager.

  1. Go to Business Manager and select a business, if prompted.
  2. From the Business Manager menu, select Offline Events.
  3. Click Create Offline Event Set to create a new offline event set.
  4. Enter a name and description for your event set, and then click Create.
  5. Assign your offline event set to the ad accounts you’ll most likely use to build your campaigns.
  6. For the ad accounts selected, enable auto-tracking. This will ensure all future campaigns within those ad accounts automatically use this offline event set.
  7. After you've made your selections, click Next.
  8. Select people within your business or partners to grant permissions to, and then click Next.

Now that your event set has been created and assigned, share this event set with the StitcherAds team member managing your offline setup.

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