Adding store locations individually can be incredibly tedious for many advertisers. To avoid the giant time waste, you can bulk upload store locations into Facebook Business Manager using an Excel, UTF-16 or CSV file.

Here's how to get started.

If you haven't uploaded any business locations yet:

  1. Download our spreadsheet template here.
  2. In the template, the Tips to fill this out tab gives helpful instructions.Ex: how to format particular fields, explanation of our sub-categories.
  3. If you have already created Facebook Pages representing your business locations, fill in the Existing Locations Template tab.If any of these stores have now shut, put a Y in the Closed column.
  4. If you haven't created Facebook Pages, you can fill in the NewLocations Template tab.Tip: Some advertisers choose to export their business location data from Shopify, Magento or other tools, then reformat the information to fit this template.
  5. Move the tab you've chosen to fill in to the 'tab 1' position in your spreadsheet. Our tool only reads the first tab.
  6. To upload the spreadsheet in Business Manager, open Business Locations. Click the Add Locations button in the top right.
  7. To upload the spreadsheet via your Facebook Page, use the Import Multiple Locations button. 
  8. Choose Upload Locations.
  9. Click Choose File to upload your spreadsheet.
  10. If your upload is successful, you'll get a confirmation message. Click Save Changes to confirm.If your spreadsheet contains any errors, you'll get a message letting you know how many locations have an error. You'll have the option to upload all the locations without errors or download your spreadsheet with instructions on what the errors are and how to fix them. You can then re-upload your spreadsheet.

If you have uploaded business locations, and want to add more or edit them:

  1. Open Locations in Business Manager or via your Facebook Page.
  2. Click Download Locations in Business Manager (or Download All on your Facebook Page) in the top right to create a spreadsheet of your locations.
  3. Now you can edit your business locations and/or insert more business locations. If these locations have a Facebook Page, list the URL in the column Facebook Web Address. If not, leave it blank.
  4. To upload the spreadsheet, follow the same steps as above.
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